Favorite Designer: I can’t have just one favorite, who I look to depends on the design problem
Previous Experience: Principal at KRA in Atlanta, Worked for KTLP in Philadelphia, GHK in Chicago & lastly principal of Renaissance Studio in Chicago, before opening Threetrees in 2001
Best thing about working at Threetrees: The people
Drink of Choice: Depends on time of day and what kind of day it’s been
My Design Motto:
Fun Fact: There are so many awesome options, I have yet to decorate my own home



Fav Designer – Threetrees
Previous Experience: BonvivantHOME
Best thing working at TT – Laughing out loud…..
Drink of Choice- Coffee
Design Motto –  “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” Leonardo DaVinci
Fun Fact –  I love tools! And, fabric!



Favorite Designer: Tie between Jillian Harris and April Tomlin
Previous Experience: Model Home Designer for 11 years in the Southeast and 4 years designing high-end residential interiors in Key West, Florida before joining Threetrees in 2016
Best thing about working at Threetrees: Easy. Our team, the perfect blend of personalities and experience.
Drink of Choice: Iced coffee.. no matter the weather
My Design Motto: “I am going to make everything around me beautiful – that will be my life.” -borrowed from Elsie de Wolfe
Fun Fact: This Florida native just survived her first winter… ever.