Our Team




Robin - No Background B+W


Hometown: Durham, North Carolina

Favorite Designer: I can’t have just one favorite, who I look to depends on the design problem

Previous Experience: Principal at KRA in Atlanta, KTLP in Philadelphia, GHK in Chicago, and lastly Principal of Renaissance Studio in Chicago, before opening Threetrees Interiors in 2001

Best Thing About Working at Threetrees: The people

Drink of Choice: Depends on time of day, and what kind of day it’s been

Design Motto: Great design does not have to be expensive.

Fun Fact: There are so many amazing resources out there, I have yet to design my own home





CINDY FOSTER, Showroom Manager / Design Assistant

Cindy - No Background B+W



Hometown: New Jersey

Favorite Designer: Threetrees Interiors

Previous Experience: Bon Vivant Home

Best Thing About Working at Threetrees: Laughing out loud

Drink of Choice: Café Au Lait

Design Motto: “An interior is the natural projection of the soul” – CoCo Chanel

Fun Fact: I love tools, and using them to create beautiful objects in metal.




MELISSA MORENO, Junior Designer

Melissa MorenoHometown: Guayaquil, Ecuador

Favorite Designer: Lilly Bunn

Previous Experience: Junior designer at Dunn Designs

                                      Design Assistant at Lynne Scalo Designs

Best Thing About Working at Threetrees: Murphy (office mascot) and the people

Drink of Choice: is it okay to say Tito’s and vodka? If not, then good ol’ coca cola!

Design Motto: “Think outside the bun” by Taco Bell

Fun Fact: I am bilingual and I have two bunnies