ZOOM your Room

Staying home has made many of us reconsider why we have kept that couch or, why we still have not painted that room.  As so many aspects of our lives are being re-thought, creating your perfect space just got easier. 

You dream from home. We source, curate and bring ideas and products to you. This is the perfect way to have professional guidance for projects large and small…paint consult, to furniture refresh or kitchen renovation.   Using a host of technological resources and applications we can deliver detailed drawings, 3D sketches, inspiration boards and shopping lists, directly to your in-box.  

It starts with a brief description of what you need, and an email address.  

We will contact you to schedule a 1-hour consult, via Zoom or phone call for a brief tour of the space and discuss details, budget and expectations.  There is no fee for the initial consult and planning call.  If we will be a good fit for your needs, we will send a proposal with scope, deliverables and design fee.  Get Started!